Recognizing a Manipulator

Do you know someone who displays the traits below?

Emotional abuse (of all kinds) is a real issue in this day and manipulation from someone with a mental illness can cause deep soul wounds in those whom have developed a trust. These deep emotional wounds lead to a worsening of existing physical issues or are a catalyst to the onset of them. Please read and memorize this list so you can be alert to those who display this kind of (sometimes silent) manipulative behavior.


Symptoms of a high functioning sociopath (Antisocial personality disorder)

Superior intelligence - Those who are high functioning are often incredibly smart, with very high IQs which can help them read, manipulate, and control scenarios.

Lack of empathy - People with ASPD don’t comprehend other people’s emotions. Therefore, they don’t appreciate or anticipate the consequences of their actions. They often fake empathetic feelings so well, that others believe they actually have them.

Calculating behaviors - People with this type of sociopathy are driven and determined. A strong self-love (narcissism) and sense of grandiosity may be their catalyst.

Secretive tendencies - High-functioning individuals may keep everything close to the vest. They rarely reveal private information or thoughts unless it’s to manipulate another person.

Charm - Despite generally not enjoying being around people, a high-functioning person displays impeccable social skills. They charm those around them with quick wit or humor. They seem wonderful and believable. People are attracted to follow them, such as in a cult.

Sensitivity - People with high-functioning ASPD can be defensive. They may be quick to anger when they perceive they don’t have someone’s approval. That’s because they often feed off admiration from others.

If you encounter someone who posses ANY of these red flags, step back and analyze the situation and your relationship. Seek help if you are questioning or confused. People suffering from this type of disorder are very convincing and even charming. Do not be deceived and remove yourself away from the connection. This is often easier said than done...especially if you are in over your head. Please know that there are people who care and can help you to sort out the situation. There is hope, healing, and freedom in your future!

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