Patio Herb Garden

Building an porch/patio herb garden

Using fresh herbs adds so much flavor to food, both raw and cooked meals. However, buying fresh herbs at the market can be quite expensive. Here is a wonderful solution which will accommodate any size porch or patio. Made from fragrant, natural cedar planks (10 inch), this herb container garden is durable and functional. And

if you are handy with a saw and hammer, an easy do-it-yourself project. Be sure to create drainage holes in the bottom of each level. Fill planter sections with a good potting soil and add your plants. Fresh herbs at your fingertips!

Try placing your new herb garden as close to your kitchen as possible. This makes easy access, and a gentle reminder to use your fresh herbs as often as possible.

My herb garden pictured here contains basil, parsley, cilantro, bay leaf, apple mint, lemon balm, dill, and sage. A great time to try new and exciting varieties!