7 Tips for Healthier Juicing

Juicing vegetables and fruits is an easy and delicious way to add important vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and nutrients to your wellness routine. By removing the pulp from fruits and vegetables, pure fresh juice allows the body easy digestion and assimilation of the essential nutritional elements. Below are a few tips for creating your best and healthiest juices, ever!

  1. Purchase (or grow your own) organic fruits and vegetables. Fresh juices are very concentrated, therefore is always wise to use organic fruits and vegetables whenever possible.

  2. Choose produce as fresh "picked" as possible. Not only does this make for fresher tasting, better quality juice, but it also helps your juice to maintain its freshness for a longer period of time.

  3. Wash it well. Because juices are concentrated, it is important to be sure your fruits and vegetables are bacteria free as much as possible. Try washing all produce to be juiced in a lemon water mixture prior to running through a juicer.

  4. Balance your juice blend. Juices taste wonderful when there is a balance of sweet, sour, salt, and bitter. Aim to include an element from each group and you will find your juice has a pleasing and balanced taste. Example: celery & cucumber (salt), apple (sweet), lemon (sour), ginger (bitter).

  5. Experiment with variety, to spice things up. Remember, juicing is like a delicious science project. Treat yourself to trying different variations and combinations of fruits, vegetables, roots, greens, etc... Soon you will find yummy new combinations you never dreamed you'd actually like!

  6. Add in Barley Grass, or Wheatgrass for an extra boost of energy and immune system support. Use fresh grasses juiced into your drink blend or add in a powder form. For the powder, simply add 1 teaspoon to your prepared juice and stir to blend.

  7. Consume your juice right away. To retain all of the nutrients found in juices, it is always best to drink your fresh juice immediately. Juices can begin to lose precious vitamins & minerals after only 15 minutes. If you MUST store away a juice for later consumption, pour the juice into a dark glass container which can be filled to the rim and capped with a tight fitting lid. This can help the juice retain more of its beneficial nutrients for a longer period of time.