The first step of the healing process is to understand the cause.

I offer one-on-one council to guide in a wellness plan which may provide useful holistic information for improving and maintaining health for years to come.

Together, we will work to identify possible obstacles which may be keeping you from reaching health goals, then offer suggestions for an effective wellness protocol. 

Suggestions may include: dietary modifications that encourage your body's own ability to naturally heal, supportive supplements and herbs specific to your current health concerns, holistic therapies to aid in gentle detoxification and balance to all body systems, as well as continued emotional and spiritual support during this unique time of transformation. 

I understand what you are going through and am here for you each step of the way.


There is hope, and healing ahead...

compassionate guidance


New Client Consultation

75 minute session 

Follow-Up Consultation

40 minute session 

To request an appointment for consultation, please use the link below

For established clients ONLY.

Consultations are not available at this time

Carolyn’s heart for helping people heal is a true blessing. Her devotion to compassionately and insightfully guiding her clients provides hope and support to many.


Today I had my first appointment with Carolyn & certainly not my last! I felt like I have known her my whole life & was talking with an old friend. She has a God given talent and is so amazing, I can't say enough to get you to understand just how wonderful, kind caring, & compassionate she truly is!! I booked my next appointment straight away! If I could give her 10 stars I would!

Lisa V

Carolyn is a warm caring person.  She made me feel very comfortable from the start.  She goes right to the source of what needs to be worked on first and explains what you need to take and eat to get healthy. I would strongly suggest for anyone to do an in person or phone consultation with Carolyn.  She has a gift from God and knows how to use it to help. Thanks!

Peggy, Louisville, KY

During my call with Anthony, he recommended I reach out to Carolyn if I needed further assistance.  I am so glad I took his advice!  Within seconds of meeting her on our phone call, she put me at ease with her wonderfully kind and nurturing nature.  I felt like I had known her for years!  The insight and support she provides is an integral part of my healing journey.  I am beyond thankful I found my way to her loving help.  She is a true angel here on Earth!

Gabbi, New Jersey

My sister, my mother and I have all had the absolute privilege of having had an amazing consultation with Carolyn. We are all in Australia and it mattered not. As I look at other testimonials, I see the words Angel, blessings etc peppered liberally. This is also how we felt. Carolyn's generous giving of time and heart, her knowledge and knowing, her beautiful voice and manner, her empathy, her kindness made us know that an Angel surely walks amongst us. Thank you so much for fulfilling your purpose on Earth Carolyn. We love you xx

Peggy, Australia 

I was truly blessed to have had a session with Carolyn, a beautiful, caring, loving, understanding and compassionate soul whom I believe was a gift from God sent to shine a bright light on my healing path…. A true empath and intuitive, Carolyn was not only cognizant of my physical needs but attentive to my emotional and spiritual needs as well…I am eternally grateful to you, Carolyn, for sharing your gift of healing and for empowering me with the tools needed to continue my healing journey.

Rose, Canada

There are few words powerful enough to convey the healing love and support that Carolyn Cavanagh embodies. She is pure compassion, divine peace, and unconditional love. I am truly blessed to know such a beautiful soul, and I know whomever seeks her assistance will be equally blessed!... I truly felt she was sent to me by God… I felt like I had an angel walking beside me... Many blessings to all who seek the advice of this amazingly gifted practitioner!

Toni, RI

Today I had my first session with Carolyn, but surely not my last!! I feel truly blessed by my experience today. Carolyn you are truly gifted and talented. I was completely blown away by how tuned in you are, your gentle loving spirit and your mastery. Thank you SO much!!

Susan H

My sleeping improved, my pain subsided and effects from the session are running through my veins as I type. She's a wealth of knowledge, a determined woman on a mission to heal like an angel sent down to guide us on our path to health & happiness! Thank you CAROLYN!

Jorge, Middlebury CT

Carolyn is an extraordinary light worker, knowledgeable, compassionate, kind, supportive and pure joy. Angel would be the best word to describe her soul. I am so grateful to have her in my life.

Bonnie Sue, Somers NY

I was 100% satisfied with my appointment with Carolyn.  She is so personable and knowledgeableI felt like we were old friends.  She was totally present for the whole 1 hour and 15 minutes and gave me very valuable information. Carolyn is an Angel who I will treasure as the healing process takes place. I will definitely have a follow up.

Melodie P

At the end of our conversation. I was literally gobsmacked. I couldn't even describe a word that covers the gratitude I felt with our conversation. A simple thank you just doesn't seem enough. I was stupefied with the amount of information I was given. At the beginning of our conversation she gave me information that put my life into so much perspective. Just a few sentences supplied major answers (to ponder). All the supplementation advice (4 pages worth) was more than I ever could of hope for. I consider this to be the miracle of my life at this time; meeting you and your staff. Such kindness, courtesy, and love has never been shown to me in the condition that I am in. Like I said thank you is not a sufficient enough word for how I feel. I am going to survive..I am going to make it; I can see the light at the end of the road now. And I guess that says it all. 

Jenny M, Davie FL

As always, I really enjoyed my appointment with Carolyn, though they always seem to go by so fast as talking with Carolyn is like chatting with an old friend. Her recommendations have been lifesaving for me. I never thought that I would be able to follow the protocol but she gave me hope and sometimes a well needed push.  I am very thankful for her insight and for all she has done for me.

Carla C, Southwick MA

Carolyn is amazing. She quickly identified a lung issue which explained why I felt heaviness in that area. She was thorough and went through every concern I had without rushing me through the process. I feel I am on the right track to feeling better.

Nancy Z, Pompano Beach Florida 

I have the utmost appreciation for Carolyn, and the work she is doing. So many people benefit.

Ray P, Fairfield CT

I am extremely satisfied with my appointment with Carolyn.  She was very attentive and listened to all of my concerns/issues/questions, was very encouraging, and I really felt like she understood me, was invested in helping me to the highest degree possible, that she is truly interested in and cares about my healing, and that she is there for me as i walk my healing journey... I really feel that I am a valued part of her clientele and that further encourages me to adhere to the program she recommends for me. When I got off of the phone with Carolyn I was really happy and encouraged and that feeling has stayed with me since the call.  I so appreciate having her to guide me and to work with me on this as well as helping me to feel into my own intuition about what is most beneficial for me.

Karen L, Massapequa NY

My appointment was quite informative and also uplifting. I felt that I was heard and supported. I was filled with joy. My appointment was a big boost. Carolyn kept me on track and got to the heart of my issues. I slept through the night on the first night of beginning [what she recommended]. Here's hoping the trend continues! Thank you all for a wonderful experience.

Bobbi P, Supply NC

My appointments with Carolyn are always helpful, provide direction and give me confirmation that I'm not crazy and my problems are real... I feel like Carolyn really cares about me and she keeps me going.

Tracey W, Aventura FL

This was my second consultation with Carolyn. She feels like a family friend,  as she has also had sessions with both of my daughters! Thank you Carolyn for your caring attitude and for sharing your helpful insights. It's amazing to have access to this information and I am also blessed to have a physician who is full support. It really does take a team, coming at healing from many angles. I am definitely seeing results. God bless,

Sangeeta, Riverbank CA

Speaking with Carolyn is always such a joy! I am so deeply grateful for Carolyn's compassion, kindness, exceptional knowledge, insight, intuition and support on my health journey as I make my way out of chronic illness. She has been a life saver for me, truly! During our most recent session, I learned how to do a steam bath to help clear up my lungs and sinuses. Both my mom and I did the steam protocol as Carolyn suggested and we loved how we felt after each steam! This is a technique that we look forward to using to keep ourselves healthy during flu season and all year round. Thank you and bless you, Carolyn! Much love to you and the amazing Primrose Team!

Lisa F, Newmarket Ontario

My appointment with Carolyn was fabulous.  I always learn so much and am inspired to continue on this healing journey.  Thank you for your compassionate care.

Sally L, Lexington MA

Yesterday’s session was nothing short of a life-changing event!  Your insights, your warmth and your accuracy remain with me and have inspired the momentum of change and healing I so desperately need. I struggle for the words to adequately covey my gratitude... your gift is outstanding and I feel Blessed that you have shared it with me!

Terri D, Monroe CT

I'm feeling hopeful again.  We changed course & I hadn't realized how available Carolyn would make herself if I had problems (I had problems, but I didn't contact her earlier so things got a tad worse).  I missed that in my notes so I am relieved to know she is really there for me as I proceed along this healing journey.  I realize that I will probably need to be in closer touch until I get back on my feet.  I'm feeling GRATEFUL!  She is a sweetheart.  Thank you!  She is very gifted, kind & knowledgeable!  

Joanne K, East Lansing, MI 

I was extremely pleased with my phone session with Carolyn.  I got much great information that I am looking forward to implementing and seeing an improvement in my health.  Carolyn is very knowledgeble and kept it simple, so I could follow her instructions and advice.  Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to speak to her!

Karen G, Winston-Salem, NC

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