Community Guidelines

This private community forum is provided as a courtesy for members and those who are taking part in any wellness program on this website. It is intended for use as a loving and supportive community, and I ask members to uphold this quality while posting and commenting. Please see the guidelines below for more information about group policies. 

  • General Community Posts. Please use the topic "Community Connect" as your everyday community forum to support and connect to one another. Support topics are created during special events and will be open only to those who have subscribed to a program.

  • Please be a shining example of love and respect for your neighbor. As with any forum the occasion may arise where there may be a difference of opinion. Let's please be courteous to each other and respectful of any differences. 

  • This forum is offered as a courtesy to members. We are excited to offer members the opportunity to connect, support, and comment on programs offered on this website, however we also reserve the right to pause or discontinue this forum at any time and without advance notice. 

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